Why a Dentist for Children is a Better Bet for Your Child

A negative experience at the dentist will cause children patients to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Just as a positive experience can instill a willingness to seek professional dental care and keep dental hygiene routines a regular habit … Continued

Kids Dental Care in Staten Island: ADA Warning Explained

When searching for kids dental care in Staten Island, visit our clinic. We can clean your child’s teeth, repair them and provide you with information on oral health. Today we will be discussing the impact of secondhand smoke on children’s … Continued

Types of Dental Care for Children Offered In Our Clinic

In our clinic, we provide dental care for children. It is highly recommended that you bring your child to our clinic for a professional teeth cleaning twice per year. This provides us with the opportunity to conduct a thorough examination … Continued

Can My Child Get Dental Sealant for Kids?

As a family dentist, we regularly recommend placing dental sealant for kids on their teeth at a young age. This is one excellent way to reduce the chances of children developing cavities as they age. Most parents are unfamiliar with this … Continued

Keep Your Kids Healthy this Summer with Tips from a Kids Dentist

As a kids‘ dentist, we focus on improving the health of our young patients and working with parents to establish good positive routines that can keep kids‘ teeth healthy as they age. In this way, we are very much a … Continued

Speak with a Kid Friendly Dentist About Making Healthy Choices

The food and drinks a child consumes directly impacts their oral health. As a kid friendly dentist, we can help parents to decide what needs to be in their child’s diet. Many of the foods that promote themselves as being … Continued